Best bitcoin wallet for android

best bitcoin wallet for android
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So you have bought bitcoin and now you are looking for the best bitcoin wallet app for android. That’s smart of you because storing your bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange is not a good idea as exchanges are not safe and are prone to hacks.

There are plenty of wallets availble out there but you should know few things before downloading best bitcoin wallet for android :-

  • You own the seed key & no one can spend these bitcoins without the PIN.
  • When you are setting up your wallet for the first time, it will display a 12 word seed, and you should note it down on a piece of paper & save it in a safe place.
  • Do not install pirated apps or get-rich-quick-scheme kinds of apps from untrusted developers and keep your android device malware free.
  • Do not install new wallets from the play store without reading about them from a trusted source because there are a lot of scam wallets out there.

There are different kinds of Bitcoin wallets :

  • Hardware wallets such as Ledger Wallets
  • Desktop-based wallets such as Guarda
  • Mobile-based wallets (For Android or iOS)
  • Offline wallets

But in this article you will read about best bitcoin wallet for android.

[List of best bitcoin wallet for android in 2020]

  • Electrum
  • Trust
  • Coinomi
  • Mycelium
  • Guarda

1.Electrum Wallet

Best bitcoin wallet for android
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Electrum is the most popular bitcoin wallet for android. There is also a desktop version of the wallet available. After downloading Electrum a seed of 12 random words are generated, which you must take note of. If anything happens to your Android device, you can then use this seed to restore your wallet along with your BTC. Your ‘private key’ is not locked in to Electrum and you can export your BTC to another wallet if you wish.

For extra security you have to create a 6-digit PIN during the setup process that can be used to confirm payments. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet comes with its own QR scanner to easily capture wallet addresses and send payments.

Download Electrum wallet for android

2.Trust Wallet

Best bitcoin wallet for android - TRUST
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Trust Wallet is Binance Exchange’s official wallet. It is a multi-coin wallet, which supports many cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin. The development team behind Trust Wallet is enterprising and it keeps on adding more cryptocurrencies every month. It is one of the best bitcoin wallet for android.

Download Trust wallet for android


how to buy bitcoin- coinomi wallet
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Coinomi is one the oldest btc wallet for android and it supports a large number of other cryptocurrency coins. The setup process is almost same for all the wallets just like Electrum, your 12 digit word seed will be genrated which you have to write down or save it somewhere.

It has also an integrated support for exchanging different coins using either of the services Shapeshift or Changelly for a small fee.

Download Coinomi wallet for android


mycelium logo - how to buy bitcoin
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Mycelium is one of the most highly acclaimed bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets around. The interface of the app is easy to use with minimal buttons to send and receive BTC as well as scan in QR codes. Mycelium also has a built-in address book for making payments.

Also Mycelium has a massive arsenal of security features, which includes the security PIN and that the app supports keys from the paper wallet as well. Mycelium remains a solid choice for both the developers and the users.

Download Mycelium wallet for android


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Guarda is not only a well known bitcoin android wallet but also a popular Bitcoin web wallet. It is reliable and has advanced security features which makes Guarda one of the top Bitcoin wallets in 2020. It supports over 45 cryptocurrencies and is one of the safest bitcoin wallet on android which uses advance encryption for backups.

Download Guarda wallet for android

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