How to buy bitcoin in India with Paxful

how to buy bitcoin in india with paxful
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How to buy bitcoin in India with Paxful

It is said that the best time to buy bitcoin was 5 years ago, the second best time is right now. If you are also fascinated by the beauty of Bitcoin and want to invest in bitcoin in India then you have made a good choice.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in January 2009 by mysterious and pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto whose true identity has yet to be verified.

  • It is virtual money
  • It is a means of payment
  • It is a good store of value
  • It is only usable via technological devices and the internet
  • It is already acceptable by Virgin, Microsoft and Starbucks.

In layman’s terms, bitcoin is a currency just like the the rupee, dollar, euro and other traditional currencies. It can be used to buy goods and services, hold value, and do many other things that a currency typically does.

There are many benefits to this virtual currency such as faster payments, secure transactions and lower transaction costs which have made its relevance in the modern financial world more apparent.

There are various ways to buy bitcoin in India and one of them is buying it from Paxful but if you don’t know what is Paxful and How to buy bitcoin in India with Paxful then stick this article.

What is Paxful ?

how to buy bitcoin from paxful
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Paxful is a US-based P2P bitcoin exchange marketplace. It is like ebay for Bitcoin. It allows buyers and seller to meet online and trade Bitcoin. Paxful saw record trading volumes in India after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on cryptocurrencies in March 2020.

Why Paxful ?

You can anonymously buy and sell bitcoin with different payment methods. They offer a very good bitcoin affiliate program through which you can easily earn money by reffering your friend to use Paxful.

How to buy bitcoin in India with Paxful

How To Buy Bitcoin In India From Paxful
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  1. Create an account on Paxful
  2. Login to your account and click on buy Bitcoin
  3. Choose the currency you want the exchange rate to be
  4. Select you preferred payment method
  5. Choose a seller and click “Trade”
  6. Follow the instructions and click “Mark as Paid”
  7. Wait for the seller to release the bitcoin

Sellers on Paxful accept more than 250+ payment methods, with the most popular ones being credit cards, PayPal, Amazon gift cards, wire transfers and digital wallets.

Things to keep in mind before using Paxful

  1. Always use Paxful’s recommended sellers.
  2. Never try to communicate outside of Paxful
  3. Always start trading with users that are online


This article educate you about How to buy Bitcoin in India with Paxful. Share this articles with your friends who want to invest in Bitcoin in 2020.

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